Saturday, August 17, 2013

Small Town Mentality

      We landed late in the evening in a small one horse town called Tea, the sites were small compared to some we had been in, but the family owned RV Park made up for that with the atmosphere. They had a pool, laundry, a trail around a soy bean field, lots of shade and wonderful friendly neighbors. Some of these make the trek from Arizona in the winter to Tea, SD in the summer, true snowbirds; a dream we were waiting patiently on ourselves.
     Work had landed us back in this area, the hubby had a few weeks’ worth ahead of him and after that we were on our own. The owners of this park were very friendly; they worked with us on the rent and let us pay it as we got it. We have to always be sure to not burn any bridges with any of the parks we stay in as we never know when we may be back in the area in the future. The owners had their son, daughter-n-law and grandchild that lived on site too; there’s and ours were just the right age to play and swim together. They hit it off nicely, like two kindred spirits that had known each other for years; but then again children seem to do this.
My view on my morning walk on the outskirts of the Red Barn RV Park, Tea, SD

     Our days were spent in the park mostly because we had visited the zoo a month ago while in Sioux Falls. The daily routine quickly became breakfast, a quick play with her friend, watching some TV and then a dip in the pool before dinner. You would think this in itself would get monotonous and boring but it was actually very relaxing, knowing what would come next. The only worry we had was to find the work to pay the bills; this task was helped by with the boss we had followed back to his home city of Sioux Falls.
     The hubby had a job working on the boss’s family’s house, then a few days off, before starting a framing job. This was not one of his favorite jobs as the supervisor here would gripe about the workers stopping work only to take a drink of water, in 90+ degree heat! This job didn’t last but a few days, by the hubby’s decision. The next position we found was interesting, it was bee keeping on Mormon land. It was interesting in the fact that the hubby wasn’t sure if he was allergic to the bees or not; turned out the allergies had been outgrown, but I was one worried wife during the days he was gone. He learned new trades in this position too, something we’re always looking forward to; you can never have too many trades under your belt.

     Just before we left this beautiful family run RV Park, he got a position working with geo-thermal heating/cooling. Another great trade to have, I only wish time had permitted us to stay longer and learn more on this one. Imaging heating and cooling your home with only air flowing through pipes placed deep into the ground, your house would stay a comfortable 68˚ year round. The only electricity used was to pump the air through these pipes, not to power the compressor for an A/C or heat up the coils on a heater. I was very interested in learning this one as I would love to install in our future home to cut electricity costs tremendously.
     We had stayed in touch with the co-workers from Rapid City, one being very determined to have the hubby trek back across the state and work for him. After some convincing from him, we decided to take another ride back West across the great state of South Dakota. If you’re keeping counting that would be a total of 3 trips across this state on I90 in a matter of a couple of months. After staying in Tea for a month we had really gotten to know the owners and neighbors here, I will miss them terribly but it is also on my list of ‘stop again’ areas in my travel book. 

not one of my favs, but then again I'm still a work in progress too
     The lil one had gotten to go to a carnival with her friend before we left, compliments of the owners; they knew we were struggling to find work and thought she needed a good time before we left. This park really defines ‘family run’ and they truly made us feel like family while here; so much so that I painted a canvas of the badlands for her as a gift. It was time to take that leap of faith again and go back West.

Until next time…..

Learn to smile at every situation.  See it as an opportunity to prove your strength and ability.  ~Joe Brown

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