Friday, March 15, 2013

A Brighter Day

     We awoke to a beautimus day, the whole landscape looked as though it had been scrubbed clean by the storm the previous evening.   By the looks of it, we must have gotten more rain than expected, no complaints here though!  A quick look around and we found our first victims of the morning, the closest convenience store with piping hot COFFEE!!  After a quick java and lottery ticket run (a bad habit I have acquired after 1st leaving Bama), I was making us a healthier~than~eating~out breakfast, I’m getting really good at doing one pot dishes while on the road.  This way I didn’t have to worry about doing the dishes at that moment with no water and I wouldn’t have a stack of dirty ones waiting on me when we landed in the new spot, saves me a ton of headaches.
We were ready to hit the road and realized we needed to scratch off the tickets before crossing into another state. We won; only a few dollars, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers, or so I’ve always been told.  I took the winning ticket in and traded it for more, it was a winner too!! After a total of 3 trips to the store, more tickets and few extra dollars, I was done playing when the winning stopped.
     Around 9 or so we were pulling onto the Interstate again, heading north towards Omaha, but never crossing the Nebraska line.  The day was a wonderful carefree day as we puttered along through the great Midwest, always looking for the new sights just over the next hill.  The lil one and I listen and sing along to all sorts of music, the playlist is open to anything from Alan Jackson to Zeppelin and everything in between.

     The lil one has come up with all sorts of traveling games that tie in with the home schooling, it changes with the moods.  Some days we’re looking for numbers and shapes, other days we’re counting how many of the ABC’s we can find.  This was a lot of fun when in the south but much harder the farther north we go as the road signs are fewer and farther in between, like the gas stations.  We’ve tried the color~of~the~next~car game to no avail, there are just too many cars and trucks on our highways and Interstates. If the lil one wanted to, a ride with daddy is always possible, the choice is just always made to ride with mommy, who has the A/C and music; daddy gets the dog for company on these long hours.

     After many hours on the road, a total of almost 50 we finally landed in Sioux Falls, SD.  Normally this trip would take approximately 26 hours, we call this ripple in the time continuum ‘RV Time’, it is approximately double the normal time a trip should take a normal family driving a normal vehicle.  With us ALWAYS passing thru these unseen ripples I have learned to just double the amount of time estimated, we’re usually not far off, unless of course we’re a day or MORE, later than planned.

Until next time…..

A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.  ~Lao Tzu

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