Sunday, March 10, 2013

Extended Stay

     After pitching my conniption fit while getting parked with no more parts falling off, hugs were passed all around and we began the process of unpacking our home, sliding everything out, untying and unloading the bikes, grill and such.  We were scheduled to be here for the next 2-3 days before venturing out west for a few years, so we unpacked just about everything; we had to, so we could reach the tools and parts to fix the plumbing. When we were finally settled on the front porch of the sis’s with our sweet tea in hand, we were told of a benefit being held for one of the nieces in a week. It didn’t take long to decide to stay that much longer, if it was okay to stay parked at their house; being the wonderful couple they are, they let us do just that.
     Later that evening my mind went to work on what we could do to help, my eyes wandered to the walls of the fifth wheel at the canvases I had carefully laid paint upon. The hubby and I decided on one to donate together, you would think I could do this part on my own but he had a few he was emotionally tied to and there is no way he’ll give those up. With the sis running around like a very calm chicken with its head cut off gathering and organizing the big event, we felt we needed to pitch in where ever possible.  Quite frankly, she had it all handled pretty well, the only place help could’ve been used was babysitting, although in all honesty she had that handled too, I was looking for an excuse to get to know the little man that was quickly stealing my heart.  We spent the days playing in the yard, exploring nature and letting him teach us all about his prized and favorite animals, which incidentally is every single animal on the planet.
     In the mornings we would have breakfast, line out where everyone would be for the day and then play, and paint, play and then paint some more; I had decided to try and get a couple of small canvasses done while there to add to the growing pile of donations.  Some people may see these mundane trips back home as boring, but to us, they are the trips of all trips. You see, on these trips we get to actually see and hug our loved ones, meet all the new additions to the ever growing family, and most importantly we have babysitters for some much needed mommy and daddy time.  I wouldn’t trade any of the days we’ve been able to spend with family for anything in the world.
     After everyone else made a lot of trips to town to gather donations and supplies (I stayed at home as much as possible), she checked her list, twice, and got everything in place. The big day was quickly upon us, the family and friends really pulled together on this one! The benefit went off without a hitch; a ton of chicken stew was boiling away, dogs were steadily coming off the grill, and the band did a great job keeping everyone entertained; all while the cash register and donation jars filled up.  What a blessing it was to see such a big turnout to help such a beautiful young woman and mother.
     A day on the water filling your belly, dancing, and family will wear you out pretty quick. After the auction, a chicken drop with an unfed chicken, many bowls of stew and home made cookies, it was eventually time to get the little ones home and in bed so the adults could keep on partying, gathering donations and dancing the night away.  With me being such an early riser it wasn’t hard to volunteer to go home with the kiddos and snuggle up for the night, as worn out as they were all the kids were asleep before they hit the pillows without even begging for one last drink or snack.
     Our 2-3 day trip turned into a weeklong stay instead, our plans were to be in South Dakota 3-4 days earlier, but I don’t think the Black Hills minded us being a week late to see their splendor.  This is one of the very reasons we had decided to become full-timers and the fact that you can change your seasons and neighbors any time you want to.

Until next time…..

To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.  ~Barbara Bush

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