Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Autumn in FL

It was a very fun filled and knowledgeable autumn in FL.  We only went to the beach a few times, living there for 6yrs previously made it not as appealing as it once was. You can only dig sand out of your every crack and crevice just so many times before you discover the many other things to do around town. We had the fountain to play in and live music on the weekends at The Landing, an abundance of arts and crafts shows to attend, friends to visit before we moved to the northwest for the summer, too many things to mention here.  Plus, we could just walk across the park and thru the fence to enjoy the bounty of the locals all day long.

      Soon it was a common Saturday thing for the lil one to take off with the neighbors to the flea market.  They would pick her up and enjoy an hour or so exploring the market.  They would first get a cup of coffee for them and a big-as-your-face cookie or cupcake for the lil one, baked fresh daily with an abundance of flavors to choose from.  Then a trip to the pet store was in order, they all had dogs already but enjoyed looking at the pups.

      The neighbors soon were bringing gifts and trinkets for the lil one.  She still has every one of them in her keepsake box of treasures in a special place in her room.  You can imagine the weight we are carrying in that box can’t you?

      All of these activities kept us pretty busy, not to mention just the normal housework and chores that were a daily task.  I actually found the time to paint a few pieces, but gifted them to friends and family along the way.  A habit my hubby is putting a stop to, he says I’m too good to be giving them away. He is now my art dealer/salesman for the pieces I find the time to paint; funny I haven’t found much time lately though.

      It wasn’t long before new friends moved in, these two became her ‘bestest’ friends, as she puts it.  They too had the schoolwork and chores before playing rule, making my job so much easier.  The schoolwork seemed like it was going good, except the trials of learning to read, something we hadn’t mastered yet.  While talking with the other mom I learned that hers didn’t start reading till age 8, whew, I was worried for a bit about it.  If not for all the support we had from our new found ‘family’ at Pecan Park, I think I would’ve pulled all my hair out and be locked in a strait jacket, but they gave us the mommy and daddy time we needed so much.  The value of good, trusting neighbors is priceless, thanks to all that have contributed to our lil one adjusting to homeschooling and life on the road.

Until next time…..

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.     ~Author Unknown

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