Friday, July 20, 2012

Birthday in Disney World

It wasn’t long before we had a plan for the lil one’s birthday, of course we were doing a small party at the club house, but we needed something bigger.  We decided to take a day trip to the Magic Kingdom; it was too expensive for our blood to stay any longer at that time. It didn’t take me but a day to figure out how we would do it.

We awoke at 4am to get everything ready and leave by 5, so we could be there when the gates opened.  The lil one slept most of the three hour drive down.  When we started seeing Disney signs, the lil one figured out where the birthday surprise was at, but me being who I am said that we were in FL and they had those signs everywhere.  I was looking for that jump up and down screaming reaction when the castle first came into sight. 
the first view of the Magic Kingdom

We paid and parked and then told the lil one for sure that we were visiting Disney, no reaction, at least not the one I was looking for. After getting our tickets and letting the lil one choose the train or boat to get there the excitement started to rise as the castle came into view.  It wasn’t hard to keep the lil one occupied while waiting on our boat to arrive, in our hands was the map and we had a whole day to plan out.

The main thing on the lil one’s list to do was meet the princesses of Disney, the ones whose dresses were hanging in the closet.  Rapunzel being the favorite we knew we couldn’t miss that meet and greet, but we had an hour or so to waste. Luckily after seeing the long lines to meet all the other princesses and other characters, the choice was easy, ride more rides instead of waiting in the lines.

It was only an hour wait to see her, not too bad but it was still HOT here in FL, even at the end of November.  We kept the lil one occupied by taking more pictures and planning our route of attack on Disney to see and do all we could in just one day, a hard feat in and of itself.  Finally our time had come to meet the favorite princess of all time, until the next movie comes out that is.  The lil one was one of the first few in this group to meet her; this was when the excitement rose to that jumping up and down screaming that we were so looking forward to. 

There was only about five minutes to get in all the questions that had been thought of for the last hour in line. The main question was “How did your hair grow so long?”  After hearing that Rapunzel just brushed and brushed it every day, the lil one really got animated in the body language.  The lil one really likes to talk with the hands, swishing the hair back and forth, just like Rapunzel.  It wasn’t long before the dream come true had to come to an end and all the other kids had to have their turn. Daddy got it all on video for the lil one to relive it at any time and make reference to how long Rapunzel’s hair was.

On to the next adventure, map in hand the lil one chose which path to take and which rides to ride.  If only we had waited a couple of years and we wouldn’t have had the height restrictions, but then again we didn’t know, and still don’t, when we would be back in FL again.

We had lunch at the park, big mistake when trying to save money, but then again it was the lil one’s birthday and that was what was wanted. After lunch we rode a few more rides and tried to squeeze everything in in just a few short hours. The height restrictions honestly worked in our favor in a way, there was that many more fast passes and lines that we needn’t wait in. Some of the favorites were the Peter Pan, It’s a Small World (still singing it in my head as I’m remembering), and the Hundred Acre Wood ride.

We finally got to put some of her schooling to use, her sign language anyway. While riding ‘It’s a Small World’ there was a woman signing to the song. I pointed her out to the lil one and it clicked in her eyes; she could communicate with others that couldn’t hear. That woman was a blessing to me, just to show her how some of the things we were drilling into that spongy brain could come in handy in the future.

We stayed as long as we could, riding as many rides as we could and taking as many pictures as the memory card would hold, until nightfall. At this time of the year, the off season, they charged more to stay for the Holiday Celebration, being as cheap and broke as we were at this time, this was not an option, not to mention a three hour ride home. It was time to say goodbye to Mickey and Minnie and leave. Just seeing the sparkle in her eyes as she saw new things that day was priceless.

Until next time…….

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