Sunday, July 8, 2012

Family Times

While at Tuscumbia RV Park, we made friends, some that had moved from the worse campground to the better one with shade, and rested for a few days.  The lil one learned the art of fishing and taking our dinner from the creek to the table in the form of some fine fresh caught catfish. 
Another storm blew through and we headed to the niece’s house in Cherokee.  Little did we know that we were driving to and hunkering down in the worst part of the storm.  Straight line winds tore up the town of Cherokee on this night.  The next storm that came, we decided to stay at the campground.  We watched the rains flood out the neighbors, luckily we were on top of a small hill.  When we awoke the following morning we discovered Mother Nature had lashed out again and tore down trees all around us.  Thankful it only hit the TX sized brush guard on ol’blue and kept her safe, we started cutting down the limbs around us.  

We made the dreaded call to the insurance company and decided it was time to stop volunteering and work to save and get out of dodge.  The weather in the summer of 2011 was just too tumultuous for us to justify staying any longer than need be.
The lil one loved spending time with the family she hardly ever got to see, especially the cousins.  It was the first time she had actually got to know some of her kin.  She learned a lot of great things over the summer like the importance of family, helping your neighbors in their time of need, and most importantly how to skin a catfish (her paw-paw Duck would’ve been very pleased).  She also picked up a few negative habits along the way, like telling us “No” every chance she got, leaving all her toys strewn about and just acting like a spoiled brat in general.  I will forever be reminded of these as I search for that perfect switch to break these habits.  For these very reasons I know I wouldn’t trade the days spent with our AL family for anything in the world.

A last thought…

The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family.

 ~Thomas Jefferson