Friday, May 2, 2014

Record Breaking Snow

The small snowfalls had melted and our rent was up in El Dorado, it was time for the “we’ll see ya again’s” and move to Wichita, KS. The lil one promised to keep in touch with a friend from here, to this day they still talk and send cards/gifts.
      It was a chilly, windy January day; but what could I expect being on the plains during the winter time. A 20 mph day was normal, they didn’t worry about the winds until they started twisting. It wreaked havoc on my long hair, keeping it perpetually tangled and dried out.
     Here we gave up our weekends to work as camp hosts in exchange for our rent and utilities. For two days a week, one of them being Sunday which was a half day, two people cleaning and running the office for all of our amenities taken care of. This included the rent, electricity, water, sewage, cable, wifi and free laundry; what more could you ask for? Nothing except a paycheck but this was Ok with us as we could bring the lil one to work with us.
     The hubby worked odd jobs for a while until Ol’ Blue caught on fire. We had no idea those block warmers were operating at 15 amps. The cord got too hot and started blazing out from under the hood. This being the second vehicle fire, we had gotten good and quick at putting them out. I imagine it was a sight to see two half dressed, bare footed adults running around in the snow for a few minutes putting out a fire on their truck. We chuckle about it to this day as we re-tell the story.

Imagine 1-2 ft flames shooting out of it!!
      This was not a major concern as we still had a few weeks before it needed fixed to move us. Life went on until the hubby pulled up in the 2nd truck we had and jumped out saying he smelled wires burning. Upon raising the hood he saw the flames on the vacuum lines and quickly jerked them out. It was starting to get bad at this point; in a strange town, both trucks burned, no steady work. We had to keep counting our blessings though; our family was well and healthy, our house was paid for and we were working for our rent. Life was still good.
     The lil one really enjoyed us working on the days the kids were out of school, it meant many more playdates. We enjoyed having an extra set of enthusiastic hands helping us clean the bath houses and laundry room. I learned how to use a pc program used in many of the RV parks to make reservations; this could end up being a valuable experience later on.
     Our major event, other than the trucks burning, was 18” of snow in one day. I awoke to a task of kicking it off the porch just to get the door open. I wish you could’ve seen the lil ones eyes light up. This was the most snow we had been in in our lives; the hubby excluded as he had been in Chicago before. Thankfully we were not on duty at the time of the snow. The managers that were used to KS winters handled it like champs. The owner came and played with his toys, pushing the snow into huge mounds on the edges of the RV park.

     I’m glad we watched and learned so well, the following weekend we got 4-6 more inches. This was our turn to shovel the sidewalks and help clean the roads and sites as much as possible. After this record breaking snowfall and the harsh Kansas winter I was ready for buttercups and Springtime.
     Before long our jobs were finished, the trucks were fixed and it was time to plan the next step. I can’t say that I’ll ever tie myself down every single weekend again. Our circumstances with needing a 40 hr/week job for income made for this to be the only way it would work. In the future after we retire this would definitely be a possibility and just move to a new area every new season, but then again no one knows what their future holds.

Until next time….

"Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours to see"     ~ Doris Day

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