Friday, May 2, 2014

Running on Fumes

     We were blessed just to have made it this far. Our original plans were to head North to North Dakota and the hubby work on the oil rigs; but after talking to the friends in Kansas, we decided to head south and help her out instead. To have made it that many more miles than planned was an absolute blessing after the hubby not getting all he was owed off the previous job. When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. We parked and stayed at their house in the middle of nowhere Kansas. The nearest gas station was 30 minutes away so we had to start planning ahead and keeping the tanks full. It was a whopping 45 minutes to the nearest town with a grocery store.

     We enjoyed some more fishing and paddling around in their paddleboat on the lake in their backyard. It was a miserably hot July here in the plains, our poor window A/C couldn’t keep up. Our rooftop hadn’t worked since we bought this particular rig. There was immense heat pressing on you as soon as you walked out of the shade, making you want to high tail it back for the cover of the shade.

with the heat came the storms
     The hubby began work on their house. Almost halfway thru the job there was an altercation between us and the home owner. Needless to say that with our house on wheels it didn’t take long for us to pack it up and get out of the increasingly bad situation. This is another one of the plusses to fulltiming;                                        if you don’t like your neighbors, you can                                        move.
     All we can do is move on and move past the negative. The hubby was blessed with a new job soon enough. We were now proud residents of El Dorado, KS. The RV Park here was suited more for the workers at the oil refinery. There were no perks here; no playground, no pool, small one person bathroom/shower. The best thing was laundry on site, an enclosed dog park and phenomenally nice owners.

     We celebrated the lil one’s birthday party here at the Skate Center. She had just enough friends to make it a nice party but not too big and impersonal. We also experienced the local corn maze and pumpkin patch, their family kid’s day downtown and several other small town festivities that you can only get in those small towns. There were even a few small snowfalls for the lil one to play in.
     My oldest had come up to work with the hubby; my youngest and oldest were getting along magnificently. Life was good. Until that day our luck changed, as it tends to do from time to time. The hubby and my oldest lost their jobs at the oil refinery right after the Christmas holidays this year. I’m not sure if there is ever a ‘good’ time to lose your job but around the holidays is never a good time, at least we had made it thru them first.
     We quickly got online looking for work as our rent was only paid for a few more days here. I got lucky and we got our first camp host jobs just down the road in Wichita. This would open a whole new chapter for us, not to mention keeping our heads above the water. It was time to pack and move on a very cold January day, just a short hop and skip down the road.

Until next time…..

The greatest step towards a life of simplicity is to learn to let go. ~ Steve Maraboli

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